The Library

29 Mar

The library is probably still your best source of in-depth information on most topics. A library is also probably one of the most misunderstood places in the academic institution. Many complain that they fail to get the information they want when they visit the library and thus say that the library is not good. In most cases, however, this happens due to the users’ own shortcomings.

There are a few things you need to remember when using a library.

Firstly, a library is a collection of an assortment of items ranging from books to electronically recorded material. Our library have more than one millions items but mostly in electronic format, not just books. When you have that many things in your collection, you need some way to organise them, and we do this by dividing the items into categories: books, journals, e-books, video tapes, et cetera – all of which are placed together in their respective collections. Each of these collections are then divided into subject areas (Library of Congress Classification Scheme – see the classification system below) . So just because you have a notion that one subject should be near another, it does not mean that they will be. To help you on finding items in library  just click our library catalog:

The library of Congress system

A General work

B Philosophy – Religion

C History – Auxiliary Sciences

D Foreign History and Topography

E American History

F American History

G Geography  – Anthropology

H Social Science

J Political Science

K Law

L Education

M Music

N Fine Arts

P Language & Literature

Q Science

R Medicine

S Agriculture

T Technology

U Military Science

V Naval Science

Z Bibliography – Library Science

*The Library of Congres uses the basic alphabetical classification, as shown above. Further subdivisions are indicated using numbers and alphabets.

Secondly, items in the libraries can be borrowed and people do borrow them. So just because the computers says that a certain book can be found on a particular shelf, it does not mean that it will be there when you get there because others may have beaten you to it. This is where the online reservation forms come in useful.

For further information or inquiries please kindly contact us through email :

Thank you and have a nice day!

CL of MMU Libraries


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